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Pura Mark Seeds

We are a leading company of vegetables and herb seeds in India with a history of over 5 years. Our major business scope covers the production and supply of all seeds using advanced technology and high quality standards. Our focus on sharing information has helped growers enhance and improve their production of field crops since 2015.

In our pursuit to grow a better agriculture and horticulture industry we start by producing top quality seeds. We supply only good quality seeds with 99% purity and germination above 80%. Our aim is to meet individual customer's requirements in terms of requirement, time of supply, cost and the overall service that we offer.

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Min Germination - 80% Min Purity - 98%

Our Products

Drumstick seeds

Moringa also known as Moringa oleifera, the miracle, and drumstick tree ...

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Cluster Bean Seeds

Cluster beans are commonly called guar or Gavar and are used extensively in Indian cuisine...

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Chilli Seeds

Chilli seasoning is made from ground dried chillies and mixed with other herbs and spices...

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Drumstick kernel
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Amaranth seeds
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Moringa Leaves
Pura Mark Seeds
Cluster Bean Seeds
Chilli Seeds
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